Each ministry allows us to grow in God and give back to the community.

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What is Ministry?

Ministry is a way for the church to give back to the community. Being in the Ministry allows the church to reach out to those in need while also teaching them the love of God through the actions of the church. Ministry also provides a way for us to cultivate long lasting friendships so that we may help each other when we are in need.

Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry program is based on building a foundation and basic understanding of the bible for children in Pre K – Grade Six. We utilize Superbook Academy to capture the attention of the children as well as make learning fun.

Click below on the Superbook Academy button for guest log in to this week’s Sunday School Lesson.

Youth Minstry

Being young can be a challenge in a world that wants to pull us further away from the gospel. However, God is yearning to have a deeper relationship with us everyday. Even as this world changes, God’s love for us never changes. Come meet up with us every Friday at 7:15 pm and discover a deeper relationship with God.

Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry of All the Nations Assembly of God exists to partner with other men through prayer, encouragement and fellowship to create and environment that encourages the development of the spirit filled man.

The Men’s Ministry meets monthly for fellowship, prayer, praise, and refreshments. We are also involved in many activities in the church and outside of the church.

The Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry is part of our Men’s Ministry, and it follows God’s expectation for his people to bring love, encouragement and the Word of God to those that are restricted from being able to receive it. The men reach out to those who are incarcerated and in need of our prayers and support through a monthly service at a local prison.

Altar Ministry

The Altar Ministry is a channel of the Holy Spirit, in assisting our Pastors in the ministry of intercession at the altar. Our aim is to train individuals in the recognition and execution of different types of altar calls. Also, to develop a passion and a heart of prayer in the Altar workers while maintaining a life of a deeper commitment with God. Our team will guide those who respond to the call and lead them in discovering the will of God for their specific needs.