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The Power of Giving

When people get together and take their own time and energy and make an effort to give back to the community miracles can happen. Whether the giving is done through working or volunteering for a ministry or giving in tithings on a Sunday, it all can make a difference and give people hope in God.

How Can I Give?

We make Giving Easy! Look below to find ways that you can Give.


You can Give tithings and offerings on Sundays during service via cash or check or you can give online here.


Anyone can sign up to Volunteer for any Ministry sponsored events as they appear throughout the year.

Join To Help

Sign up and take the membership class to become a permanent worker for different ministries.

Donate Now

There are plenty of ways to donate today!



Donate through Paypal.

Simple Church

Donate through Simple Church.

Giving Makes Way For Miracles

When we give we give by faith. Often times we are overcome with the struggles of being human. In this we worry about what happens if we give more than we can afford or if we have nothing to give. When we choose to give whether it may be through ministry or through tithings we must choose to do so with faith. If we cannot put our trust in God to help us, then our giving means nothing. Giving requires sacrifice, so that we may prosper and miracles may come. 

“Faith is the Currency of Heaven.” – Pastor Jeremias Bermudez